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Page history last edited by Andy Woodworth 11 years, 12 months ago

Inspired by this tweet from Wil Wheaton, I created this brief wiki & call for action.


Short version: Charlie Sheen is going on a tour to promote, um, whatever it is that he does.


The average price of a single ticket ranged from $36 to (I'm not kidding) $350.


People like myself (and Wil as noted in his tweet) are a bit outraged by this concept. 


Call for action: Donate the amount equal to one ticket to charity. 


Since the well reported issues center around domestic violence, drug addiction, and mental illness, I'm going to suggest donating to one of these charities:


Domestic Violence: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Drug Addiction: The Partnership At Drug-Free.org

Mental Illness: NARSAD


Or find one within these three categories to make a donation. You're on the internet, it's just a Google search away.

I just did some quick search for a good and reputable charity within those issues using Charity Watch and Charity Navigator ratings. This is not an exhaustive list. 


Goal: To get 100 people to donate.

And after that, another 100. 


I'll see where it goes from there.


In Conclusion:

As Mr. Sheen is calling his tour "My Violent Torpedo of Truth", I'm calling this the "The Almighty Antithesis to Narcissism".

I too have a love for alliteration.  


Give what you can. Share this wiki with others. 


If you're on Facebook, share the link to this page.

If you're on Twitter, tweet your donation with the hashtag #aa2n

If you have email, send it off to your friends and family.


The most important thing to do is to donate


In case anyone is wondering:


It took me two minutes to donate. I even made it in honor of my great uncle who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia.


Christmas is not the same without him. 


Thanks for listening. Hope you follow through.




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